Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation in Kiev, Gdańsk
Classic massage
Massage at your home, in your office. Massage at the Clinic in the center of Kiev

I am a professional masseur and instructor of the Chinese Healthing Art Qigong (QI - Energy, Gong – to Manage) and one of its species - Tai Chi Chuan. I have a better health of people over 20 years.

I have, basically, the experience of therapeutic (clinical) massage, although recently I have been doing usual massage (anti-cellulite, etc.). I work for medical clinics and have private practice.

Types of massage:

Classic massage for adults and children of any age, incl. newborns.

Lymphatic drainage massage.

Massage anti-cellulite.

Honey massage.

Vacuum massage.

Massage with essential oils.

Relax massage.

Massage for pregnant women.

Massage for recovery after surgery, traumas. Fighting against spasticity, contracture. Muscle building. Solving problems of the spine.p>

Massage for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, schizophrenia and other diseases.

Massage after stroke.

Modeling massage.

Massage of the head, face, hands, feet.

Non-contact Qigong massage for people who has special appropriate training.


Massage is possible in your office or at home. In this case, after a massage, you can sleep, which improves the health effect.

Any area of Kiev and the suburbs.

Also - in the clinic "Femina", where I work (10-A Pimonenko street near of subway station Lukianovskaya) or in the salon near of subway station Svyatoshin (6 A Verkhovinaya street). In case of massage in the Clinic you have the opportunity to use all offer: Charcot's Shower, Hydromassage, electromyostimulation, mud therapy and much more.


Andrew Kozak

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