Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation in Kiev, Warszawa, Gdańsk

The Leader of school : Andrew Kozak

(English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian speaking)

Tel. cell. +38 067-4416458 (Ukraine, Kievstar)

e-mail: szkolalotos@gmail.com   Skype: taijiquigoang

Viber & WhatsApp on tel. +48735045935 (Poland, T-mobile)

Individual and mini group lessons are possible in suitable places, day and time for you

For example:

- on a territory of Kiev International School (Pr. Sviatoshinski, 3-A)

- in a Lotus Club ul. Verchovinna 6-A (near of K.I.S.)

- another places by your choice

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  • The School of Tai Chi, Qigong in Kiev (Ukraina), Warszawa and Gdańsk (Poland)