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QIGONG, QI energy.
The ancient art of Qigong. Physics and poetry.
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Dear friends!

I welcome you to join Qigong trainings in Kyiv!

I would be glad to offer you my more than 30 years’ experience of mastering this art and also applying it for rehabilitation and healing in Kyiv and also in Gdansk (Poland)

When weather is good we usually make our lessons in the most beautiful places of Kyiv – Botanical Garden (University subway station – center of Kyiv), or Nivki Park (Beresteiska subway station)

Let me tell you a word about that great art, to master which I have dedicated my whole life.

Qigong – (Qi – the energy, Gong –to control) – The Art of control of Vital Energy

Qigong as a physical phenomenon.

Unlike many eastern systems, the art of Qigong is not related to religion and is based on principles that can easily be described using modern science. Therefore, it is widely used in China and worldwide for healing and physical rehabilitation.

Our nervous system is a network of electrical conductors through which tiny powered electricity flows and there’s also magnetic field around them.

Bioactive points (for example, in the centers of the palms) have a some stronger electro-magnetic potential.

Qigong exercises use the effect of a capacitor when bioactive points are combined in a certain way. In this case, the energy potential of this point increases and then it spreads across all neural channels, increasing the potential of the entire neural system.

As the result, pleasant heat fills the spine and comes into the brain. Then warmth and lightness fill the whole body. A feeling of lightness and vigor appears, powering the body with warmth, increasing the overall tone. Also, the psycho-emotional state changes for the better. The feeling of fatigue and depression, if it was, disappears. It becomes "easy on the heart." If we are talking about patients, the need for medicines is reduces, as well as their doses.

All this in a complex leads to a change in the hormonal state and to the release of hidden reserves of the body, the resistance to disease and recovery is strengthened.

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It is known that the cause of most diseases is constant or periodic disruption of the central neural system, which controls all processes in our body.

The art of Qigong is aimed at both normalizing the functioning of the neural system and increasing its potential, as well as at the general physical development of the body.

Meditation is one of the main components of Qigong, it has many varieties and is aimed at harmonizing of consciousness, developing strong will and other positive human qualities, increasing our spiritual strength and ability to self-control.

Qigongis a great method to get rid of the very cause of diseases, to provide the opportunity, on the basis of a sense of the flow of energy, to learn how to manage processes in your body, find unused reserves and direct them to recovery. The practice of Qigong gives a person faith in his abilities and in the fact that even from the most difficult situation one can find a way out.

The students are especially convinced by the fact that in 90% of cases they begin to feel the flow and accumulation of internal energy within 10 minutes after the start of the first lesson, and after 30 minutes of their lesson their condition improves (often very significantly). If a person feels a surge of strength and, for example, the disappearance of a pain syndrome that haunts him for 15 years after the first lesson, then how much can be changed by practicing for 6-8 hours continuously for weeks, months and years!

It is very important that Qigong exercises not only heal the body, but also make the feeling of life richer and deeper. After all, if we have learned how to feel internal energy, then these sensations are not limited only to our body. In the same way, we can feel the world around us!

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Qigong from a “poetic point of view”

The words "Vital Energy", "Qi Energy" sound mysterious, somewhat mystical... But this energy is always present in us and fills the space around us, whether we feel it or not.

There is a time in the life of each of us when we start feeling Ci and feeling it especially brightly...

...If you fell in love... Do you remember how at any distance you used to feel the slightest change in the mood of your beloved? How easily at any distance you’d guessed the wishes of your sweetheart and brought, for example, oranges at the very moment when your beloved one just began to think about them? Do you remember how some kind of magical heat used to constantly warming your whole being, filling your heart with gentle light! This was your loving soul sharing its energy, the light of its love.

Were there any doubts about who this energy was coming from!? Were there any doubts in its existence?

...If fate have given you an opportunity to become a mother or father... Remember how while being in the bosom of the mother, the child used to calm down when he felt his father entering the bedroom, although he had not utter a word?

Помните ли Вы, как прижимали к груди свое дитя и чувствовали волны теплой энергии, выходящей из Вас и напитывающей Ваше дитя? В этот момент Вы чувствовали, что эта энергия исходящая из центра грудной клетки также важна для ребенка, как и грудное молоко! И чувствовали, извините за юмор, что детку прижимать нужно именно к груди - не к боку или бедру.

...If you’ve ever skipped in a storm... or, when you had to overcome your fear and weakness, became able to climb a high snow-capped peak... or you’ve galloped a horse – you’ve felt like if you were having wings growing on your back, like if some unusual force was filling you! Hands would become made of steel and tightly squeeze the steering wheel of a yacht, or a bridle, or a climbing cable. And you had merged with the power of a galloping animal or with the power of a storm or with the power of mountains and become one with it!... This is the energy of nature so clearly manifested in these beautiful moments, filling you with inspiration and strength, also with the energy of the horse, or wind and lightning, or a great mountain, the strength of which used to merge with yours. Then you could really feel that you are about to entirely merge with this world and become one with it.

The art of Qigong is the ability to pay attention to these and other signs of energy, to understand and feel the infinite diversity and beauty of the world of energy. Take this world as reality, as a field for creativity. With the help of special exercises, strengthen (cultivate) Ci, make the flow of energy constant and also increase its level. To cultivate the power of inspiration - the power of love. Feel how each of your cells interacts with others and how you interact with the whole world. Develop a deep sense of the beauty of life and share the warmth of your heart with others!

Please note, from describing Qigong from the point of view of physics, we moved on to the concepts of love, sensitivity, inspiration - that is actually what makes us human and what we have not yet learned to measure with any instruments.

Qigong allows us not only to strengthen the state that represents human nature in us, but also, with the help of constant rhythmic efforts, to “fixate” it - to make it permanent.

We have to admit that the best in us is rather inconsistent. (V. Vysotsky wrote once: "... he cried, then laughed, and then bristled like a hedgehog..."). Therefore, the energy flowing through us is not always of the best quality.

And when the light of humanity in us become even, we become able to equalize and refine it to find a new level of humanity in ourselves, using the power of our mind and Qigong exercises.

The new sense of ourselves, of course, is being transferred to our body - i.e. through our nerve channels to each of our organs, to each cell, energy of the best quality begins to flow, making the corresponding changes in the body, changing the hormonal background. Therefore, if we want to change our health, we must change the level of our consciousness.

By the way, since the sense of beauty grows, the understanding of the value of beauty in all senses of life, the desire to protect beauty, and justice, also grow thanks to Qigong. Courage does grow too.

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Qigong lessons are usually individual and can take place anywhere in Kiev which would be convenient for both you and me.

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